Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yes, It's a New Post

... and yes, it's a Vlog.


  1. Oh Liz,
    Hair.....the thing that can make or break a girl's life. We all have hair horror stories and I have 2, but won't bother you with them...they are just mainly when I had long hair and 2 times the hairdresser misunderstood what I wanted and I ended up with boycuts...or close to it. Tears, tears, tears.
    My hair is my bane.....I have a round face, so my hair needs to be longer...when it's too long it gets stringy. When it's short, my face looks fat...esp. now since I haven't lost all my baby weight yet. I used to have nicer thicker fuller hair..that was before Ihad kids....seriously, I lost a lot of hair after they both were born. I need a haircut right now, but I just put it off, cause I'm cheap.
    I used to get tons of compliments in highschool for my long thick strawberry blond hair....those days are gone. My hair is more blonde now and unmanageable. Usually the first thing I notice about people is their hair...not their eyes...funny huh? Maybe it's because I think about my hair so much. So yes, I did notice that you had a haircut, before you mentioned it. I think it looks nice, but I know the feeling of short hair, and thinking maybe it should be longer... my hair does grow incredibly fast, so I'm thankful for that.
    I need to be thankful that I have hair as some women who have cancer have lost theirs, so I will be thankful for what I have whether it be long/short/striny or full. Hope that answers your question. :D

  2. I love your hair cut! Here is one thing to always keep in mind, do not EVER cut your hair or do anything different for anyone else. If you love your hair long, keep it long, let it grow. Your "big head" comments just crack me up because I also have a HUGE head. It is affectionately referred to as the "Erickson" head, and all of us Erickson's have it. I have grown my hair out pretty long over the last few years because my daughter wanted me to-so, I am doing just what I told you not to do! Now that I want to get it cut off, my hairdresser says she just can't! I'm not really sure if it's the "big head" that makes longer hair better, or my fat face--my face has really gotten fat, so when I get it cut shorter, all you see is my huge face! LOL. But I digress. You have had short hair, and you have had long hair, so YOU are the one that knows what is best on you. You have a lot of hair and it is lovely! All that we go through with hair though, I sometimes consider it a bit of a curse!

    Dana Trent


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